8 Mar 2012

Conversion from Meters to Centimeters and Then to Inches

Meters, centimeters, and inches may not be familiar to us. especially if we want to buy a television. We have in mind exactly how many inches Was this television?

There might not yet know exactly how many feet 1 inch is it? or how many inches of it?

well for those who do not understand do not be discouraged, I would to post flowchart to calculate the conversion from meters to centimeters and inches! .

Let us see how to work it..

In the above flowchart, starting from just entering a number in the form of meter, centimeter will then be processed and inches. then the output of centimeters and inches. examples of input and output like this .. Learn carefully in order to understand,,


After seeing the program above, it is time you try to own the program,, good luck ...!!!@_@

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