17 Apr 2012

Sub Programs

In the discussion of sub-programming algorithm that is in the program display more than one output.
For example, a work performed by a person would have done by that person according to his profession.
For example, a course director will lead a company with many employees underneath. They automatically (subordinate directors) will perform the work in accordance with masing2 they do, and the directors would only accept the results.
In the process we can apply the algorithm to a subprogram, by making the procedure beforehand.
This time I have an example in raptor flowchart subprogram, which is a number that will display the results +5 outputny.
So for example we have input the number 2, then the result will come out 7. It occurs also as the above example. Making procedure and it will bring results in line with the command or the works of inputannya.
Flowchart below the image will bring up the output of +5:

subprogram in the flowchart below, we created two flowcharts in a single raptor. The flowchart first notified in advance we have input variables, then we outputkan results. Flowchart of the procedure for calling us to make these variables, then the process in the flowchart. So if we run the flowchart, the result will be menginputkan’s a +5 balustrades and output results

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