10 Apr 2012

Reflection Programming Algorithm To Seven Weeks

Was not already entered the seventh week of the course the algorithm, Recursive discussion, the words that I can say "DO NOT UNDERSTAND", more precisely still do not understand.

This time I want to share about this is the result of recursive pretest our lab, but still do not understand all explained well, but in fact if not in a recursive well learned it is easy. only one I can remember about the recursive that "in no such thing as a recursive loop" so if there is a program that has a loop then it is not "recursive" but "iterative"

Let's take a tough program.

Turning Words In Recursive Program



If on the run it will be like this ...

Above is an example of a recursive program, hopefully with friends to see it to understand,, hehe ..

nahh,, week seven already completed, and preparing for midterm exams programming algorithm which is certainly not easy .. so must be learned and continue to let me learn to understand the algorithm.

We Learn Not To Get a Good Value, But Learning To Get An Understand (Inayah 09042012)

see yaaa....!!!! @_@


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