14 Apr 2012

Benefits of Recursive Functions in C + +

Now i will post about the benefits of recursive and iterative, advantages and disadvantages of each as well as similarities and differences.

"What are the benefits of using Recursion Function". "Because of the recursion function is similar to the loop, so the advantages / benefits of writing the program listing on the savings when compared to looping / iteration".


Recursive loop >> is one method of programming in which the instructions contained in a function that calls a function that sendri, or more commonly referred calls itself.

Excess looping >> it's easy to do looping with a wide range in terms of looping in a large scale.

Can >> looping with the restriction function

Recursive looping >> Disadvantages: Can not perform a nested loop or nested loops

Usually >> makes it difficult to understand the function, only suitable for certain problems

Requires >> stack larger, for each time the function was called, local variables and formal parameters will be placed into the stack and there will Kalaya no longer enough to cause a stack (Stack Overum)

>> The process is somewhat convoluted because there pemangilan repetitive functions and data calls are stacked


 Iterative loop is looping >> the looping process of group instruction. Iteration performed within the limits specified conditions. When conditions are not met then the iteration will stop again.

Iterative loop >> Pros: Easy to understand and easy to do debuging when there is one iteration

Can perform a nested loop >> or the so-called nested looping

The process is short >> looping occurs in conditions that have been adjusted

Overflow occurs >> Rarely due to restrictions and conditions clear looping

Weakness >> looping iterativeTidak can use the restrictions of functions

Iteration with a broad restriction would make it difficult in making looping program itself.

++>Differences and Similarities Recursive and Iterative: <++

- Same-as a form of looping. 
- Do check conditions before repeating.


- Iterative use the FOR, WHILE, DO-WHILE IF while the recursive use only.
- Iterative can be run on a program that consists of procedures (There is no function) whereas a recursive function.

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