3 Apr 2012

Reflection Programming Algorithm To Sixth Weeks


This week we've entered the sixth week.
time goes so fast and only one more meeting to the midterm exam.
therefore we must learn to be more active in the exam 2 weeks again, let alone a test grating was shared by the father of Al-Pro ...

This week our teachers explain more about recursive functions .. Recursive turns out it's not easy but not difficult.
but other words are also included difficult.

At the end of our meeting to give the game a better understanding of recursive functions. we are told to as many as 10 people in groups and whisper the word in a sentence by eliminating the beginning of the sentence ..

Nahh that way we can understand quickly what the intention with a recursive function, although still vague.

Finally, after the game ends after the programming algorithm also subject this week, and be prepared to face the last weeks before the midterm exam which is held two weeks away ...

keep fight ...

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